Buttonholes & Corsages

Wedding Buttonholes and Corsages can be made just for your Bridal party or for every wedding guest attending.

The Grooms buttonhole will usually coordinate with the Brides bouquet using the same flowers and colours but will be bigger and have more flowers and foliage than a standard guest buttonhole. Men's buttonholes should be worn on the left with the flowers facing upwards, they should not be placed in the lapel buttonhole but laid over it and pinned through the stem from behind the lapel.

Guest buttonholes will usually come with a single stem Rose or Calla lily and a few sprigs of foliage.

Buttonhole Corsages are generally worn by the mothers of the Bride and Groom but can also be worn by grandmothers and women in the Bridal party, they will have more flowers than a standard buttonhole and are worn on the right lapel with flowers facing downwards. We can also create Wrist and Handbag corsages for Bridesmaids, mothers and guests to coordinate all of your wedding flowers.